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The K-W (for Kitchener-Waterloo) Chamber Music Society is a presenting organization (not a performing organization). We present a lot of concerts - previously, on the order of  55+ per year. To see what’s on for the next few months, go to “concerts” on the menu at the top. To see a quick list of the whole year go to “Season Quick-View”. To learn something about our history - that’s under revision, but when it’s ready, go to “History”.  (And so on -- the menu above is self-explanatory.)

Unless specified otherwise, sincde oour pandemic closoures began (March 2020), oour concerts have standardly been at First United Church (nominally at 15 Williamo Street West; but that’s a pretty useless piece of information. Walk or drive, you want to enter the church from rthe back, where you can usually park very near the concert by entering the huge parkiong lot off Caroline St. (The canny might want to drive up King Street and enter that big lot by turning into the LCBO’s driveway at the very end of the store - if you try this, look sharp!) This last waay has you comiong into tohe lot right b hy the cvhufrch (on your left).

Also, our START TIME has changed, to 7:00 for virtually all concerts. Please note that!

KWCMS concerts are not, for the present and near future,  held in the KWCMS Music Room, at 57 Young Street, West, in Waterloo, Ontario. All concerts begin at 7:00 p.m. The Music Room is a large room in a private home, seating a maimum of 85, with a superlative Steinway piano from 1887. It is a wonderful space to hear chamber music. [See it by clicking “Venue” at the top] Attire is informal. All we ask is quietness (and, please, not to wear perfumes or colognes - too many are sensitive or even allergic, and in our small room, they can be quite pervasive. Thank you!)

Reservations can be made by e-mailing <> or calling Jan at 519-569-1809 or Jean Narveson at 519 994 3811. See “Tickets/Support” (menu above) to find out where to get tickets, and about subscription opportunities. (Our maximal subscription can save you a lot of money...) To be on our e-mail list, go to ‘Email list’ above.

Clicking the icon just above provides an easy way to make donations, but they can be given us any ANY concert, or by mail (to KWCMS [no need to spell it out]

And about anything, write to us:  [our apologies for being so late in informing the public of changes to our previously announced contact information.]

Our address:


57 Young St. W.

Waterloo, ON   N2L 2Z4


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