KWCMS Music Room - & How to Get Here

  1. -Scroll down to see very precise driving directions to the Music Room from Highway 401

  2. -Scroll further to see some more of our nice new chairs.......

  3. -And further yet to see simple requests re concert attire, noise, etc. - Newcomers, please read!


The KWCMS Music Room is in a specially built hall seating 85 in a home overlooking Waterloo Park.

57 Young Street West, Waterloo, ON  N2L 2Z4 • 519 886 1673

Note: do NOT confuse this with the Young Street in Kitchener - 2.5 km away!

Driving directions to the Music Room from highway 401

Note (1): the “google” map directions are confusing - DON’T Use them!

[note (2) : for Walking directions, scroll way down ...]

  1. 1.Take the highway 8 West exit off the 401. This is at km. 278. [Note: If you have come from the West rather than the Toronto direction, then be sure to get off at 278B rather than 278A - the latter exit would take you to Cambridge]

  2. 2.Continue on this until you come to the local expressway, which is numbered 85 and also 7 East. Note: IGNORE ‘7E’ after you get on this or you’ll end up in Guelph!

  3. 3.It goes overhead to the right and left and you’ll see it easily as you approach.

  4. 4.You take that highway by turning right onto it.

  5. 5.Then watch for the exit to Bridgeport Road - the 3rd exit, about 5 km (3 miles)

  6. 6.You turn RIGHT off the exit, and that takes you back under the expressway. If you don’t do this you’ll go in the wrong direction!

  7. 7.Follow Bridgeport, which quickly becomes a one-way street, all the way to Albert Street (the next-last traffic-light intersection is at King. Be sure to get into the right-hand lane by this time.)

  8. 8.Turn RIGHT onto Albert, and then Young street is the first street you come to; turn LEFT onto it.

  9. 9.The Music Room is at the rear of the next-last house on this short dead-end street. You must U-turn to park on the street itself; however there is ample free parking space as shown on the above map, in the “Lions Lagoon” parking lot. It’s a short walk back to the Music Room

  10. 10. If you get lost (but if you follow the above carefully, you won’t!) and have a cell-phone, call us! (519-886-1673)

Below: Some of the New Chairs in the Music Room

[acquired Sept. 18, 2009]

     There are currently twenty of these rather handsome (we think) and very  

     functional chairs for the Music Room. They replace the twenty least

     comfortable of their predecessors. We think you’ll like them....

Walking to the Music Room:

[note: you can make good use of the area Google map above - click on ‘MAP’ - if so, ignore the below!]

  1. (1)Albert Street is one of Waterloo’s major streets. If you can find it, then just go toward the town centre and turn RIGHT on Young Street; or, if you’re starting at or near the town centre, walk away from it (in the direction of the universities); when you cross at the stoplight at Bridgeport-Caroline (it changes name at that intersection), proceed one more block and turn LEFT. We are the second-last building on the street in that direction. The new “entrace” (wrought-iron) to Waterloo Park is directly across from our next-but-one neighbor’s house. You’ll see the signboard on our lawn about concerts (hopefully, about the very concert you’re going to!)

  2. (2)From WLU: find your way to Albert Street, which is the western border of the campus. Walk toward central Waterloo. You’ll cross Bricker, Ezra, Central, and Spring; the next street is Young - turn right.

  3. (3)From the University of Waterloo: starting from the Seagram/University entrance: at this intersection, you’ll see parking lots to the right and the left ahead of you. Take the one on the left (the ‘A’) lot) and walk from corner-to corner so far as possible (there will likely be parked cars). You emerge near the railroad track as it crosses Seagram Drive. Walk along the road parallel to the railroad until you get to a deer enclosure, on your left. Walk to just the end of it, and turn left. You’ll shortly be on a tarvia track that used to be a road; take it to the right and follow around until you see a parking lot on your right. Walk to the far right-hand corner of that lot (not very far), then follow the walkway down to the left and right by a stand of trees. The walkway connects directly with the end of the Young Street sidewalk. We are the second house you come to.

RIDES: Students, take note: after a concert, you may not want to walk back in the dark. Many of our frequent-attending patrons will be happy to give you a ride if you live somewhere near campus. Just ask Jan in the kitchen before the concert or at intermission.

note on buses: from campuses, walking is very likely to be faster than waiting for a bus, and cycling would be much faster.

At the Concert - please give this a quick read!

  1. 1.Silence! e.g.: During the music, please do your best not to cough. (We have a stock of cough drops on hand, and kleenex. Almost all coughing is avoidable, but if you absolutely can’t avoid coughing turn and cough as quietly as possible into your sleeve.) Make sure your cell phone is Off. Our programs are deliberately minimal - don’t rattle them! Don’t wear noisy ear jewelry. We are famed among musicians for our quiet audiences. Don’t be an exception!

  1. 2.PLEASE don’t wear perfumes or colognes, or deodorants that are easily detectable by the person next to you. Many people are allergic to them, and in a small room, they’re very hard to avoid. Thanks!

  1. 3.Dress: very much optional. Street clothing is just fine. You’re welcome to dress “up” if you like. You’ll probably be the only ones in the room who do - but the rest of us will be glad to admire your outfit! (Note: at our rare full houses, it can get very warm. We ARE air-conditioned and if the weather is predictably hot, the a/c will keep things from getting stifling - but it’s not up to getting 85 people really cool.)

Map of relevant central Waterloo area - Red pointer locates the Music Room.