During this year, we will again be holding concerts at First United Church

(16 William St W, Waterloo)


Driving directions for First United Church (where most of our concerts will be held this year) from highway 401

  1. 1.Take the highway 8 West exit off the 401. This is at km. 278. [Note: If you have come from the West rather than the Toronto direction, then be sure to get off at 278B rather than 278A - the latter exit would take you to Cambridge]

  2. 2.Continue on this until you come to the local expressway, which is numbered 85 and also 7 East. Note: IGNORE ‘7E’ after you get on this or you’ll end up in Guelph!

  3. 3.It goes overhead to the right and left and you’ll see it easily as you approach.

  4. 4.You take that highway by turning right onto it.

  5. 5.Then watch for the exit to Bridgeport Road - the 3rd exit, about 5 km (3 miles)

  6. 6.You turn RIGHT off the exit, and that takes you back under the expressway. If you don’t do this you’ll go in the wrong direction!

  7. 7.Follow Bridgeport, which quickly becomes a one-way street, (the next-last traffic-light intersection is at King. Be prepared to turn LEFT onto King St. at the stoplight.

  8. 8.Go along King Street through another stoplight (at Erb) and still another (at Willis Way).

  9. 9.Then look on the right for a greart big LCBO, with a sizable lettering saying that. Just at the end of that building, there is a DRIVEWAY to the RIGHT. Take it! You come in about 25 metres to the back door of First United - just what you wanted! There’s lots and lots of parkign - with luck you can park right behind the church.

At the Concert - please give this a quick read!

  1. 1.Silence! e.g.: During the music, please do your best not to cough. (We have a stock of cough drops on hand, and kleenex. Almost all coughing is avoidable, but if you absolutely can’t avoid coughing turn and cough as quietly as possible into your sleeve.) Make sure your cell phone is Off. Our programs are deliberately minimal - don’t rattle them! Don’t wear noisy ear jewelry. We are famed among musicians for our quiet audiences. Don’t be an exception!

  1. 2.PLEASE don’t wear perfumes or colognes, or deodorants that are easily detectable by the person next to you. Many people are allergic to them, and in a small room, they’re very hard to avoid. Thanks!

  1. 3.Dress: very much optional. Street clothing is just fine. You’re welcome to dress “up” if you like. You’ll probably be the only ones in the room who do - but the rest of us will be glad to admire your outfit!